Coral Stone LMT

Miami Beach House

We have successfully finished a project in Miami Beach at 6384 Pinetree Drive. We have worked closely with the contractor Wilson Design and Development ( in 2014 to create a variety of window sills, door headers, columns, entry ways, walk ways and other coral stone applications.

Below you will find some pictures of what has been crafted and installed. This coral stone column design helped create spaces within the landscape that beautify and provide elegance to a multi-door area. This included a Pergola and some flagstone flooring.

The house’s main entrance has a stone arch surrounded by a molding that runs all over the perimeter of the archway.

This particular project was a challenging venture, since the designs varied in several occasions, but in the end, everything paid off for the owners of this beautiful project.

A Word from the Owner

Coral Stone Man

At LMT International, we have dealt with all sorts of projects imaginable in Coral Stone and other limestones, BUT our biggest pride is that most of our customers have become more than that, they have become FRIENDS.

During our 9 years of operations traveling and working all around the world, is that the number of friends has grown. LMT International, prides itself on literally being INTERNATIONAL, we have supplied countries in almost all the continents including Asia, America, Europe, Middle East, and Australia.

Our commitment to our customers is that our commercial relations withstands the test of time and as with our stone, becomes long lived.

Our goal is to achieve that when you think about coral stone, you think about LMT International.

Please let us know how we could be of service and it will always be a pleasure to help your projects and dreams come true.

Luis Felix

LMT International