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Tropical Pools

Pools today, rather than just places for family entertainment, are the landscaping balance of outdoor environments, transforming a space with beauty and serenity.

Their design is a process that must consider many details that are vital to achieving harmony between the pool and the landscape. Among these is the characteristics of the terrain, the architecture of the home and the client’s personality. Once the concept is determined, the materials to be used are chosen.

The majesty and beauty of pools depends on the materials used in its construction and its surroundings. Natural stones are those that give greater emphasis to the design. Natural stones can adapt to the design of the pool, whether its formal, sophisticated or tropical. This is accomplished with the type of stone cut used.

Tropical designs evoke locations within natural areas like oasis, waterfalls, or lakes, which make them more visually striking. The ideal material for these designs is tropical coral stone, which can be used to fabricate pool copings and all floor material around the pool such as tiles and pavers. Coral stone tiles are used with a solid or concrete base. With a soft base, such as grass or sand, the ideal material is coral stone pavers.

Provided they are used on a solid base, coral stone materials measuring ¾ of an inch as wall coverings, to construct a waterfall, for example. Many users place coral flag stone to create an optical effect achieved by displaying the fossilized coral through the water curtain.

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Piscinas Tropicales

En la actualidad las piscinas  más que lugares de diversión para las familias, son el balance del paisajismo  de ambientes  al aire libre, transformando el espacio con  belleza y serenidad.

El diseño es un proceso en el cual se debe tomar en cuenta muchos detalles que son vitales para lograr la armonía entre la piscina y el paisajismo. Dentro de ellos tenemos las características del terreno, la arquitectura de a casa y la personalidad del cliente.  Una vez se determina el concepto, se eligen los materiales que se usarán.

De los materiales usados  en su construcción y sus alrededores, depende la majestuosidad y belleza de las piscinas. Las piedras naturales son las que le dan mayor realce al diseño.  Las piedras naturales pueden se adaptan al diseño de la piscina, ya sea una piscina formal o sofisticada, así como una piscina tropical. Esto se logra con el tipo de corte que utilicemos.

Los diseños tropicales evocan lugares dentro de espacios naturales como  oasis, cascadas, lagunas, y resultan  más impactantes visualmente.  El material ideal para lograr los diseños tropicales es la Coralina,  con la misma se pueden elaborar los Bordes de Piscina y el material del piso  alrededor de la piscina, se puede colocar Coralina en Lozas  o Coralina Gruesa.  La Coralina en Lozas se utilizan cuando la base es sólida  o de concreto. En caso de que la base sea blanda, como grama o arena, el material ideal es la Coralina Gruesa.

Los materiales de Coralina, siempre que se usen sobre base sólida pueden ser de ¾“, como por ejemplo revestimiento de paredes, a su vez en un revestimiento de paredes podría ser utilizador para construir una cascada, muchas personas colocan la Coralina Irregular para darle un efecto visual, dicho efecto se logra visualizando los Coral Fosilizado, a través de la cortina de agua.

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A Word from the Owner

Coral Stone Man

At LMT International, we have dealt with all sorts of projects imaginable in Coral Stone and other limestones, BUT our biggest pride is that most of our customers have become more than that, they have become FRIENDS.

During our 9 years of operations traveling and working all around the world, is that the number of friends has grown. LMT International, prides itself on literally being INTERNATIONAL, we have supplied countries in almost all the continents including Asia, America, Europe, Middle East, and Australia.

Our commitment to our customers is that our commercial relations withstands the test of time and as with our stone, becomes long lived.

Our goal is to achieve that when you think about coral stone, you think about LMT International.

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Luis Felix

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